Will Currency Wars Effect You?

This article gives a doomsday scenario that may be likely in three years if Dubya doesn't make some drastic changes:
Stuff at Walmart will no longer be cheap. Japanese cars become luxury cars. Gas goes to $5.00 a gallon. Coffee and hot chocalate and candy becomes a holiday treat. People start candying apples again for halloween. People stop emmigrating here except for the really desperate ones and the Mexicans. European vacation becomes synonymous with six figure incomes. Interest rates for everything jump up from car loans, house loans, credit cards, etc. Stock market no longer is a credible source of retirement income for middle class - all those 401k's cya so long bye bye. And you have your choice between 25% across the board cutbacks in all government services or runaway inflation. People lining up out the door to get a chance to sign up to go to a foreign country and kill people for a paycheck. Whoring becomes a highly competitive profession as a lot of women try to get into the field because of a lack of other opportunities. There is no more middle class to speak of. Medical treatment becomes so expensive and coverage so bare that people start dying because they can't find a doctor to take them rather than having a terminal disease.
- Oldman
On the upside, a president's second term is often better since he isn't trying to get re-elected. On the downside, the US President still hasn't admitted to any mistakes and appears to be promoting "yes" men and women (like Condoleezza Rice). This is a bad omen since it indicates that he thinks he's currently doing the right things.


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