Is it hot in here or is it just me?

My dad came visit me a few years ago in Brazil and before he flew down he was particularly worried about the terrible heat that must exist here. I can see why he might think that way. If you think of Florida, it's gets very hot and humid even in the winter time. The southern-most point of the USA is in Key West Florida (been there) at about 24 degrees north of the equator. Now where I live in Belo Horizonte it is 19 degrees south and São Paulo where I currently work during the week is at about 23 degrees south. So both these cities are closer to the equator, and thus theoretically hotter than Florida is.
Now I've lived here for 6 years and I've seen maybe 3 days that it was really insufferably hot. In Belo Horizonte the weather is nearly perfect. There are seasons where it rains a bit more, but more often than not it's a sun shower, rather than cloudy and overcast all the time. Also, when it gets hot it is usually dry, so you don't feel the heat when it is hot. I don't have an air-conditioner in the apartment and I've never really needed it.
My guess is that one of the reasons for this is that the cold antartic water comes up past the east coast and helps cool the whole country.
Now Brazil is also a big country. I've been to Recife which is at about 8 degrees south. There it gets a little hotter! And if you don't have sunblock on you'll turn into ash in about 5 minutes. But I vacationed there in the middle of summer and it wasn't bad at all.


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