Declining IE share - what difference does it make?

I agree with Tim Anderson's article. Microsoft is blowing it with Internet Explorer.
IE market share is declining. That in itself is no surprise. IE is associated with a huge number of security issues, and aside from critical fixes Microsoft pretty much abandoned it years ago. I know that an IE team has reappeared in Microsoft, but I find it hard to believe that much will be forthcoming at this stage. Let's also note that the current 80% or 90% share attributed to IE is overly flattering. It's difficult to measure real browser usage, but it's apparent that the switchers tend to include the folk who are best informed and most active on the Web. In other words, it is the most influential people who are switching. It would take a near-miraculous improvement in IE to win them back now.
What I find so odd is how hard they fought Netscape (and won) and now they have let IE lapse.
On the other hand this site shows that the IE versions have 89% of the market and Firefox and Moz have about 7%. This guy says maybe we should use guerilla tactics to get users to switch.


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