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My old web page  had been down for more than a year. It had used an old version of TurboGears which eventually my provider stopped supporting and then finally last month my account expired and I didn't renew. So it was really without a home.  This weekend I decided that I should put it back up.  It's been pretty good to me, it got me this great job  because they found my resume on my site. As I got the old files I found that I actually had more than 3 versions of the site.  The very first one was using Microsoft FrontPage .  My backup was littered with .htm files. Later I had used PHP , and quite a bit. It's interesting how I used PHP more as programming language and less as a templating language.  It was difficult to understand how the site looked, it was all code and functions.  I had to use the Wayback Machine to find out what it really looked like. Finally I had used Python and TurboGears.  After that I pretty much left alone, until now. Since I