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Odd Portuguese

There are some words in Portuguese that are odd to my English ears. puxe (pronounced "push"), means pull confuses the hell out of me when it's written on the door. pretende in means intend in English. entender means to understand . sex means Fri or sexta-feira. Every Friday it seems the elevator wants to have sex as it shows the date at the top. no means in or at . So the other day I saw " 1/2 preço no happy-hour " and it made me sad that there's no happy hour. meia means half, socks , and six . Apparently, the six comes from "half" a dozen. de 30 em 30 dias means every 30 days but to my mathematical mind 30/30 = 1, it should be every day. legal means legal and cool . But I would think that only lawyers think legal is cool. direito means right , but direto means straight ahead . Very confusing when someones giving instructions while driving. jóia means jewelry and great . Actually, this one does kinda make sense. If it meant B

You know you're old when....

I was at a Google party and we were talking about our first computers etc. and got a big laugh when I admitted that I remembered the day we got the new DOS with subdirectories (i.e. mkdir). That would have been MS-DOS 2.0 in 1983, I was 16 years old then.