Python's memory managment broken?

This article talks about some issues with Python's memory managment:
I began looking for my memory leak by creating a minimal test that ran a big search. Next, I added "del reference" statements one variable at a time, trying to find which one was holding on to memory. I deleted all my variables and still my program's size did not change. Next, I added calls to force Python's cyclic garbage collector to run, in case I had circular references that were keeping the objects from being deleted. Python still consumed a gigabyte of memory. Finally, I turned to Google to see if anyone else has had a similar problem. I turned up a mailing list thread about Python never returning memory to the operating system. It turns out that this is a flaw with the Python interpreter. People work around it by spawning multiple processes or using data structures on disk. Then I was curious, why would Python choose to never free memory? Many hours later, I now know far more than I ever wanted to about how Python deals with memory. ... [Evan Jones]


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