New google search engine

There's a beta of Google Local which is used to "Find local businesses and services on the web.".
Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to work for Brazil but here's an example in the US, find some water parks near my mom's home. It's a funny coincidence that I was talking with my friend Martin Giroux just yesterday how it would be handy to search for businesses near my location. I've done it many times with the normal google but with limited success. This version is cool because in the results it actually shows a map and has icons in the locations found.
From a technical standpoint it probably scans the web page looking for something that looks like an address then looks up the address in a database to get the latitude and longitude. I find this far more useful than say Froogle or google image search which has been around for longer, plus from an economic standpoint, I'm far more likely to look at the google ads shown.


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