US Rejects the Kyoto Treaty Again

The Kyoto Protocol (also here) was rejected by Bush again. Previously, the administration said repeatedly that there is some doubts that greenhouse gases would cause global warning, despite a huge amount of evidence to the contrary. The US is by far the largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Canada has ratified the treaty, in fact - only the US and Australia has not ratified it. Australia doesn't want to sign it because they fear that the US will have an unfair economic advantage (Canada and Japan were afraid too, but signed it anyway). The administration claims that it doesn't want to sign it because of some details in the Protocol (like the fact that China isn't involved). It's all BS, the administration doesn't want to sign it because of powerful energy lobbies. See Bill Moyers on PBS with Ode to Kyoto: The energy industry's stealth campaign to confuse the public and stop Kyoto also Wikipedia. Treaty doesn't do nearly enough, it's just a stepping stone, and yet the USA won't sign even that, this ought to be embarrasing to Americans citizens.


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