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The Electric Unicycle is the Perfect Personal Transporter

Segway Way back in 2001, the Segway "human transport", code named Ginger  (think Ginger Rogers), was all the buzz.  Segway promised to change the world with it's two-wheeled self-balancing personal transporter. It was amazing, but pricey ($5,000 USD) and slow max of 16 km/h. However, self-balancing really is the way to go, but the battery tech wasn't there in 2000's. Spinnick597 Wikipedia Electric Unicycle (EUC) Electric Unicycles, like the Inmotion V11 above, is the natural evolution of the self balancing Segway. It has bigger tires (18") which helps get over obstacles and absorb shocks. It also has a suspension which absorbs even more.  What makes an EUC the perfect transporter is that it is: Compact Long ranged Off-road capable Hands free Not a motorbike Let me go over each and compare to other electric vehicles: Compact You can't get much smaller or lighter without going for a smaller wheel ( electric shoes ?). You can just throw it in the trunk, whi

When gas is rare

Photo by  Mehluli Hikwa  on  Unsplash Currently the price of gas in North America is at the lowest value we've seen in a decades because of the pandemic and a price war started by Russia. This whole situation is not great for gas stations of course because people aren't driving and their profits increase with great gas prices.  This also points gas price volatility, both down and and up. Some gas stations will go bankrupt, some owners will retire a little earlier, but eventually there will be less gas stations. As more and more people are buying battery electric vehicles (BEV), the writing will be on the wall. Who would want to open a new gas station in this climate?  Could you guarantee that there will be more gas guzzling customers in 5 years? As you have to drive further and further to gas up, the practicality of charging your car at home becomes more and more attractive. With less competition from other gas stations, the opportunities to price gouge will be h

10 Reasons why Tesla makes their own seats, maybe

It's pretty odd that Tesla makes their own seats for their cars. There are only four seat manufacturers  worldwide that all other car manufacturers use.  Tesla is the only major car company that makes their own seats. Why? Here are my guesses as to why they do this: 10. Tesla wants to make seats better than what other car companies can offer. Seats are half of the car experience, if they aren't super comfortable for long rides you won't want to buy the car. My neighbor was on the fence, but ten seconds sitting in my Model 3 and he had already decided to pull the trigger. 9. Tesla has high quality vegan leather seats that the other seat manufactures might not be able to offer. 8. New car smell, Tesla doesn't want it, and seat manufacturers probably do things to make smell worse. 7. Tesla wants to make super durable car seats for the autonomous vehicle (AV) future, where the car is being used all the time, like a taxi - and the traditional seat manuf