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Love the Canon Xsi

I bought the Canon Rebel XSi (aka EOS 450D) digital SLR and have taken some pictures . After using the typical consumer compact camera (like the Canon Powershot SD ) for a a few years using these modern digital SLRs is like going from a Corolla to a Porshe. The speed a which it can focus and shoot is incredible, I could depress the button for 4 hours and take pictures at 3.5 pictures per second until the battery runs out. I also got a 8 gig memory card (only about $20.00 these days) and am thrilled that I can take more than a 1000 pictures with no problems. I tried my wifes older Canon EOS film SLR lenses and they worked flawlessly. I was surprised that the image I saw in the viewfinder was the same as what came out in the final image as well. Having the large 3" LCD means I can reliably review my image and make decisions about what to delete which I used to always do on the computer. I've been waiting for years to buy a digital SLR but it had hovered around a $1000 for