Shangri-La Diet Update

My Weight
The fantastic voyage book recommends fish oil because it is high in EPA and DHA. I'm taking (only) six capsules a day which according to the label is 1080 mg of EPA and 720 mg of DHA. Since it's in capsule form it doesn't have any taste so it should be OK for the Shangri-La diet. Unfortunately, 6 capsules is only 60 kcal (according to the label), so it's not a lot of calories. On the plus side these pills are cheap, not everything that Kurzweil recommends you do is inexpensive. The first time I took a fish oil pill I didn't have a glass of water and I found it very hard to swallow. By the time I got to the kitchen to get some water the gelatin capsule had started to melt and I could begin tasting the oil. Tastes like something my dog would roll in.

Looks like I may have gained a little weight this weekend and my birthday (see the chart). Yesterday I got home and realized I wasn't hungry, and this morning at breakfast I didn't feel like eating anything so I'll probably be back on track real soon.


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