I´m pageranked higher than I thought

The other day I needed to get the São Paulo address of the company that I'm working for (Sysmap) and to my surprise, my name came up before theirs. My guess is that I've been careful to keep my résumé in the same location at the same site and that's what it's finding. For Andyne Computing (where I once worked but doesn't exist anymore) you'll find my name on google's second page. By strange coincidence, if you try "queen's bishop's university" you may see my name mentioned because I got an NSERC grant (but no link to my résumé).
So it pays to put your résumé on the Internet (I've had at least 3 calls because of it). I've used Monster Jobs and other job hunting sites in the past and found them to be effective for maybe the first week. It seems that employers are looking only for people who recently put their résumé online.


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