How the DS beat the PSP

How the DS beat the PSP (and how the Wii will do the same against the PS3) is a article I'm in complete agreement with. Basically, the PSP is too expensive and so it will be for the PS3 as well. Parents and kids will compare the two machines and will decide that they can get far more bang for the buck buying a Nintendo DS or Nintendo Wii than a PSP or PS3, respectively.
Of course price isn't the only thing and the PS3 is far more powerful than the Wii. Also for those considering buying a blu-ray player the PS3 almost looks like a deal. But even there I think there will be some sticker shock, I don't see Blu-ray movies selling for cheap and I predict the PS3 games are going to be more expensive than the Wii games (on average). A consumer might total up the PS3 plus a few games plus a few movies and compare it to the Wii and a lot of games and have money left over to buy an HD-DVD player and even more movies.
On top of that there's a good chance that Sony might stumble the launch. They are already rumored to be having issues with the Blu-ray player, and once the Wii goes on sale there will be a lot of pressure on Sony to launch the PS3 as soon as possible. The big three new consoles are the XBox-360, Nintendo Wii and the PS3. The 360 has been out for a while and if the Wii is launched soon a lot of potential customers may have already bought the 360 or the Wii and may have less money left over for yet another console.
I like my Nintendo DS, I use it almost every day. For many games, I can buy only one cartridge and play with my son via WiFi. The touch screen and dual displays make a lot of sense for almost all the games, it's not just a gimmick. I think the Wii contoller will really make games more immersive and fun. I can't wait to buy a Nintendo Wii for me and my son when it comes out.


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