Not using XGL anymore

Well XGL and Compiz was fun, but I'm not using it anymore. What disappointed me was that playing games was hit and miss (mostly miss). If it worked at all, it would run at 2 frames-per-second. My son would ask to play a game on my system and I would have to tell him that it didn't work, or we would try one and be disappointed. Another thing I didn't like about Compiz was the it took over some common keys like F8 for it's own purpose, or if used the scroll-wheel too close to the edge it flipped the window.
When I tried to go back to Gnome the programs started but without window borders! Eventually I figured out that I could open a terminal and type "gnome-wm &" to start the window manager. Then I would tell the session to save the session so that this program would run the next time. What a pain to figure this all out. Maybe in a few months these issues might be wrinkled out and I'll go back to XGL.


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