Linux: Two weeks later

It's been about two weeks since I've installed Ubuntu on my machine. As compared to Windows my experience has been mixed:
  • I still have problems with sound. Some games work with sound if I run them from the command line, but the sound fails to work if I click on an icon in the Gnome menu.
  • My microphone isn't working properly. It's too quiet you can't hear what I say. This is probably a BIOS thing that I have to play with.
  • I'm still installing and downloading programs every day. Every day I find another program I want to try out, which involved downloading and installing. It often involves installing prerequisite libraries as well. The process has been relatively painless but time consuming.
  • gDesklets isn't working very well at all. I'll spend more time on it since it looks interesting and uses Python.
  • I got the Web Cam working, but it took part of a day.
  • I got the Wacom tablet working, but it also took part of a day.
  • I have my two screens working, it also took part of a day.
  • My USB keyboard with the play buttons worked out of the box.
Gnome isn't perfect. For example, I configured the Nautilus file manager to accept single click for opening folders etc.. I think this is important to reduce the chance of repetitive stress injury. Problem is, if you want to select something you can't just click on it (same problem with Windows). And drag selecting (without executing) doesn't work for the list view (works OK for icon view).
Another annoyance is that the File Open/File Save dialog doesn't obey my single click rule and I have to double click to open folders, etc. That dialog is a little limited as well, I'm used to being able to delete files in the Open Dialog with windows, for example.
Another couple of weeks of configuring I'm sure that everything will work and I'll start getting comfortable with my Linux box.
I'm starting to believe that Linux, in it's current state, is great for Grandmothers who just use mail and the Internet, or for power users who dislike Windows. But for power users who are accustomed to Windows, they should probably stay away, unless they have a lot of patience.


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