Linux: Changing operating systems, changes you!

I discovered something. Changing operating systems, can change you. This makes sense if you think of how much time you spend in front of the computer and how important the OS is. It's like if you move from the city to the country it also changes you. In the city you might have a compact car (easier to park) but if you move to the country you might prefer a pickup truck.
For example, I've just added a bunch of RSS feeds that are linux oriented. (Linux Today, OSNews, Games for Linux, 0xDECAFBAD) and feeds like Freshmeat have gotten a new life, I'm interested in programs that I would have passed over before. Games like Wolfenstein or Quake now seem more interesting to me. And now I guess is the time for me to throw myself more into OpenOffice, which has a great Visio like drawing package among other things.


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