Linux: getting there

When I first installed Ubuntu Linux I really wanted it to be cool and different than Windows. The first day I spent all my time searching the web for backgrounds and ideas looking at other users' cool desktops. Unfortunately, it didn't happen right away. The first reason is because there is too much to learn, too many toys and tools to install. You read about these cool desktops, but they are cool for these people because they are, very bare - and thus fast. In my case my machine is fast with a good graphics card, I don't need bare or simple. The second reason that it didn't happen right away is that gDesklets in Ubuntu has the samples desklets out of date with the gDesklets program. This caused various examples not to work. Even worse is the examples aren't the best examples that the gDesklet community has to offer. I figured out my problem and now I have the gDesklets program itself downloading the desklets directly over the web.
Now we're cooking with gas, these toys are very pretty and even useful. Plus the code is all there in beautiful Python and XML and for someone like me to tweak with. Now I'm getting to the power user, Linux fancy pants desktop that Windows users only dream of. Here's my list so far:


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