Python: xml2ddl, new version released

I released version 0.3.1 of Xml to DDL One of my open source projects. Here's what it's about:

XML to DDL is a set of python programs to convert an XML representation of a schema into a database and vice versa. It can also examine the differences between two databases and emit the ALTER DDL statements required to bring the database up-to-date. This makes it ideal for storing the database schema into a version control system.

With XML to DDL you can download and create the databases for PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and Firebird. XML to DDL strives to be database independant so that the same XML can be used for a variety of databases. This is great for quickly testing out a variety of databases for performance, for example.

The XML is fairly rich and permits adding more documentation about the database than the database stores itself. For example, you may want to document that a column is deprate or what the columns previous name was.

Although you can both upload and download the metadata, it's not designed to be fully round trip, since the XML can store more information than most databases easily permit.

It's been a while since I've updated this project. I want to release more often now to get some exposure to the project. I still need to install Firebird and Oracle on my home linux machine to complete all the tests. I'm hoping that others will come up and try it with their favorite databases.


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