Fun: puzzle game

I found a fun little game called Professor Fizzwizzle it's your classic block pushing blocks/puzzle type game, but very well done. I liked the fact that they have a linux version and it has a section that appears especially suited for kids. I played the game with Victor on my lap and he did quite well. They do a good job of teasing you to get you to buy the full version and hint that the full version will give you hours of fun. I still find $20,00 USD a little rich but almost right.

Update: I went ahead and bought it anyway. I can see why they charge 20,00 dollars, they called me long distance and sent 3 e-mails, it's all the credit card validation - why don't they use paypal? It's the perfect game for me and Victor, fun for me, fun for him no reading required, no punishment for getting it wrong. If we get too fustrated you can ask for it to show the solution. And it works in Linux as well, so I bought the Linux version.


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