EcoSport car

I'm liking the new car. I found a powerpoint presentation that talked a little more about FlexFuel cars. With ethanol vs. gasohol you get 10% more power, 7% better torque but it uses almost 30% more volume of ethanol. Without a catalytic converter ethanol produces 50% less CO and HC and 20% less NOx. With a catalytic converter the differences are miniscule. Here's another article at treehugger.
I found the car to have very good low end torque, driving in the city is a pleasure. The throw of the stick shift is smooth and the gear ratios are just right. The brakes are unfortunately quite mushy and is my biggest complaint with the car. Also, the engine makes quite a bit of noise when it's laboring. On the other hand, it's super silent when idling.
The fatter tires and higher wheelbase made driving on our dirt road a pleasure. The good low end torque also helps get through the mud we had this weekend.
The car is quite roomy inside but the trunk is very small. Overall, I'm happy with the purchase.


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