100$ Laptop

I kept thinking about the $100 laptop last night. I think if they do a software radio like GNU radio that would be very interesting. You could install an upgradable (via software upload) wireless system so that it can work in any country. Also you could design peer-to-peer network so that the computer classroom to hook up easily together. The professor could have a larger computer and could download the material for the week to each of the students.
I find myself sitting in front of a computer all day, every day - and loving it. Of course, most of that love is from the Internet. But I much rather see kids around the world reading and programming than sitting around doing nothing. And I know that if you get used to reading from these devices, people will continue to read and learn as they get older. You see too many kids, even in rich countries like Canada, that live in houses with no books in them. When the start going to school, they see a book and don't even know what it's for or how to open it - let alone read. It's sad, but this computer may change all that, I hope that in my lifetime we'll see a world where every child has a laptop.


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