I've gone Flickr Pro

If you've never used flickr.com, you should try it - it's very good. It's a place to store your photos, in a way that you can also share with friends and family. I've used it for a little while and it's the only way I've been reliably able to send photos to my mother. I tried using e-mail but depending on the e-mail program she uses she doesn't see the images. I've tried hosting it on my site and then put links to it in e-mail, but if I put in actual <> tags tags it's likely think it's spam and if I just link to them, my mother doesn't always understand that the little blue underline text can be clicked on. And it still thinks my e-mail is spam. Now I can just say that there's more photos on Flickr and she knows what to do.
I recently lost two hard drives (my drive and my wife's) and a lot of pictures went with them (one was a backup of the other). All I have left is a few backups that I did on CD and the images on my flickr account. In the past I would upload a smaller version of the image to flickr so that I wouldn't go over my limit. I've purchased 1 year of Flickr Pro at 25 dollar. With that account I can upload up to 2 gig a month, basically I can upload as much as I want. There's no rental of disk space, it's just how much you can upload a month. These images should remain there forever, even after I die they should still be there. The same goes for my blogger.com posts, this is kinda comforting, in a way.
Of course, blogger.com and flickr.com are companies and they can be bought and sold and the rules may change at sometime. But eventually, hard disk space will be so cheap that there would be little incentive for them to change the rules (I hope). Now that I'm paying, I think you'll see a lot more images going up to flickr.


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