Cool animations of fluid dynamics

Ron Fedkiw has some amazing graphics on his web page.

And I just love the titles, they almost seem made up:
  • Articulated rigid body simulations
  • Melting and burning Lagrangian based solids into Eulerian based fluids
  • Robust invertible quasistatic simulations for skinning
  • Automatic estimation of facial muscle activations from sparse motion capture marker data
  • Two-way solid fluid coupling with thin rigid and deformable solids
  • Fluid simulations using a Lagrangian vortex particle method hybridized with an Eulerian grid based solver
  • Robust finite element simulation, even for degenerate and inverted elements
  • Simulations of changing mesh topology during simulation
  • Simulations on an octree data structure
  • Animations of rigid bodies
  • Tetrahedral mesh generation
  • Animations of thin shells with non-flat rest angles


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