Critiquing Nintendo's Wii Launch Details

This post has some problems with the Wii launch information. Scanning the comments below it shows that a lot of other people have issues with Nintendo as well. Here's my take on the whole issue:
  • $250.00 should include two remotes with nunchucks partly because the Wii is supposed to be a family console and a family has more than one person!
  • The remotes are probably very expensive: Bluetooth wireless, 3D motion detection, 3D spacial coordinates, speaker, and memory. Yet $60.00 for the pair is expensive. They should sell these things at a loss if it comes to it.
  • November 19th launch. It's very odd that they are launching after the Sony PS3 (although only by a few days). It may be a brilliant move since Sony will spend tons of money for advertising and perhaps all the parents remember is that there's a new gaming console coming out. Also as it they both come out the press will be all over it comparing and contrasting the two (more free advertising).
  • The article complains that the photo viewer is useless, and perhaps he's right. However, since it's connected to the internet, if they allow you to plug into sites like it would be brilliant. My mom might be interested in buying a $250.00 device to see pictures of her grandson on TV. We will have to see, there no hint that this capability will be available.


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