Making an Arduino Controlled Power Outlet

Over the weekend I created a Arduino controlled power outlet based on this design.

With this connected to a the Arduino I can control the two plugs independently.  One end (which I cut an old US style plug) I plug into the mains power, the other end I connect to the Arduino (four connections):

The fit was a bit tight!

I did some tests to see if when the solenoids are on whether is would heat up too much.

After about about a 1/2 hour it did heat up to 32 C° which isn't too bad.  So now I'm all set to scare some animals.


salsa said…
A latching relay might fit the bill, since current is only applied when latching-- shouldn't heat up at all.

Here's one I found that can handle 5A:
Scott Kirkwood said…
Excellent suggestion. I think I'll have need of that for another project.

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