Two Great Podcasts

I've been watching two great podcasts (or technically vodcasts) about two programs I'd like to use more often, Gimp and Inkscape.
I've been watching these with Miro which is a useful tool to get and watch podcasts. Miro used to be called Democracy and used to crash all the time in Linux, but this version is much more stable. My only complaint is that you can't multi-task: watch videos while browsing other content from within Miro.

One podcast I've been watching for a while is called Meet the Gimp. Ever since I've started watching this podcast I've been enthusiastic about cleaning up and improving my own digital photographs. Now I know how to efficiently cleanup my photos and I go and do it much more often.
For example Episode 42 shows how to to quickly improved the color of a photo that looked rather dull and also how to use the healing tool to remove some birds that are just in the way.
Or Episode 46 which uses two photographs (both taken without a tripod) align them up and then uses the mask to remove cars and a person down to their sneakers.
Meet the Gimp

The other podcast I found recently is called and gives tutorials on how to use the vector drawing tool Inkscape, it's just fantastic.
For example, Episode 50 shows how to make an attractive button with a very nice 3d look with reflection and a sparkle effect.
Episode 58 was even more interesting showing the new Filter Effects in Inkscape. I didn't know this existed, and it looks very useful.
Episode 61 he drew a garbage can and make it look 3d.
And in Episode 47 shows how to make this rather nice clock using the clone tool.


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