Using Gimp

I was thinking why I keep using GIMP instead of, say, Photoshop. Here are my main reasons in bullet form:
  • It's free and open source and I support that.
  • It uses Python as one of it's scripting languages. I've created two mini utilities using that fact.
  • Using Python-Fu instead of say PIL is that it uses the same object and object names as GIMP uses. Learning more about Python-Fu makes me a better GIMP user since I know better how GIMP works.
  • Create the images using GIMP by hand I can decide later if it might be easy to script. If not, I'll just do it all by hand.
  • I can install GIMP on anyone's machine in minutes, no legal hassles or possibilities of installing a virus from pirated software.
  • Once I install GIMP on a machine, I can use it immediately. I don't have to figure out the interface of a program I'm not familiar with.
  • Some cool new features come out first for GIMP.
  • GIMP can load files directly from the web or FTP.
  • GIMP has everything I need: clipping, masks, layers, and filters. There are some nice plug-ins for making quick showy text.

I've recently been watching, and liking, the video tutorials at Meet the GIMP!. It's a nice way to learn some of the ins and outs of the GIMP.


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