New Year's Resolutions

My NewYear's Resolutions:
  • Health
    • Have a regular exercise program (3 times a week, tennis or squash counts for at least 8 months).
    • Continue eating healthy, but eat little less meat and dessert (hard to quantify).
    • Loose 12kg over the 12 months.
    • Go back on the Shangri-La diet for at least 3 months.
  • Fix/Build
    • Get a new computer
      • Give my old computer to Victor.
      • Get another 500 Gig of space.
    • Make the practice green
      • It won't be finished this year, but I plan to have the hole dug, the channels and gravel and the first level of sand done by December.
    • Do something with MAME.
      • I have an old computer it may be interesting to get it working as a dedicated MAME setup, if it can handle it and maybe leave it at the farm.
      • Have a commercial printer print up a plasticized design that we draw up for Victor's MAME console I built.
    • Work on my open source programs
      • Have unit tests for all of them.
      • Publish/revive one of my older stuff.
      • Make one new project this year.
      • Make 6 commits on some other OSS project that isn't mine (like Haiku, and/or OLPC). Ok, the bar is pretty low on this one.
    • Create a home theater setup
      • Setup a LinuxMCE computer with a hand-held remote control (here's a cool video demo, and another). I'll need to buy another computer.
      • Have it download and play TV shows or movies off the net.
      • Play music with visualizations from our collection.
      • Depending on the money/computer situation, have it work in one other room.
  • Learn
    • Take motorcycle lessons.
    • Take a month of German lessons, since I'm working on occasion with coworkers in Zurich updating my German makes more sense than updating my French.
    • Learn about the local flora and fauna (buy a book about the local trees, birds, and insects).
    • Learn a new programming language (Haskell, write 10 programs).
  • Teach
    • Buy a small boat and teach my son to sail, try and get out every 3rd weekend or so.
    • Do 4 tech talks.
    • Teach my son about the stars, he should recognize the Orion constellation reliably at least.
    • Teach Victor about the local trees, birds, and insects.
    • Teach Victor English (take him to English school).
  • Pictures
    • Organize our older pictures.
      • Scan some good, old (paper) pictures - say 100.
      • Go through the images that we recovered from a hard disk meltdown and organize 25% of them (a lot of work)
    • Take more photos (an average of 100 pictures taken per month).
    • Digitally enhance 5% of the kept photos (since I know Gimp better).
    • Get an digital SLR camera (like this Cannon) in the second half of the year.
  • Music
    • Take some music lessons for piano (for at least one month).
    • Buy a digital drum kit, could be fun.
    • Listen, organize and expand my music collection (difficult to measure this one).
  • Art
    • Draw/paint for 7 days 1 hour a day (preferably consecutively).
    • Making something artistic (something out of wood, say).
    • See at least 3 shows this year.
  • Love
    • Take Renata out to 6 romantic dinners.
    • Take Renata to 2 weekends alone (a resort with the whole family also counts).
  • Web
    • Create two Google Reader accounts, one with the minimum and another for fun, because I read too much on the web.
    • Have 52 new blog entries (i.e. average once a week).
I think that's a pretty good list, and reasonably specific so I can score myself at the end of the year. Not too ambitious, but there's a lot there to do.


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