Python 3000

Python 3000 will be the first Python version which is free to break backward compatibility, a chance to get rid of old problems and cruft that have accumulated over the years.
I like most of the changes and agree with their reasons but I'm sad about one thing. Before you could create a program like this:
print "Hello world!"
For beginners, this is great, no extra semicolons, parentheses etc. Now you will have to write:
print("Hello world!")
It's not the end of the world, but it just got a little more difficult for beginners. On the other hand it will introduce them to functions a little earlier.
Another difference I'm not so sure about is removing the % operator. I like that formatting operator:
print "Your are %d years old" % age
now becomes:
print("You are {0:d} years old".format(age))


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