2007 Predictions

It's always fun to make some predictions so you can make a fool of yourself in 12 months time. So here it goes:
  • The Nintendo Wii will outsell the XBox 360, although it may take all year. Most XBox 360 owners will also have a Wii.
  • The US economy will do worse in 2007 than in 2006. A part of the reason will be because of lowered housing prices.
  • Brazil will do marginally better in 2007 than 2006.
  • The OLPC will have a rough start mostly because of political reasons and an extended smear campaign but will be an utter success as 2008 rolls around.
  • We'll start seeing more machines with Linux pre-installed on it instead of Windows in 2007 or with a sticker saying "linux ready" or some such.
  • We'll slowly start seeing companies putting Linux on their employees desktops instead of windows because it is easier to administer and catches less viruses.
  • People will start understanding that DRM is evil and will actively try to avoid it, despite the lack of legal choices. Some smaller, independent recording companies will offer DRM-free music and be relatively successful.
  • The Sony PS3 well do worse than analysts expected. Sony will have a dismal year and will have to lay off employees. The best move they could do, in my opinion, is sell off all their Sony "content providers" Sony BMG and Sony Pictures and concentrate back on hardware that supports .
  • There will be more hurricanes, droughts and floods that will be blamed on global warming.
  • There will be war in the middle east.


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