Xgl for Linux is cool

MovieCubeI've been avoiding adding Xgl since I normally have problems with my dual head setup, but I tried it a lunch and it works brilliantly. I followed TAZ's instructions and worked the first time.
It actually has some features which are a bit more than just "eye candy":
  • You can easy fade out (make transparent) your current window. This is useful to type in text from another location that happens to be hidden underneath the current window.
  • Switching desktops is so much fun that you are more likely to use it.
  • The non-active window is darker than the active window. With lot's of windows open on two screen it used to happen that I would type in the wrong window, this should happen less often.
  • Magnify. Here you can magnify what you're looking at temporarily. My eyes aren't as young as they used to be, so this can be useful.
  • There is more movement when windows to come up, which help get to your attention.


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