Java, Python and Tiger Woods

I'm not a Java fan, but I use it at work. Whenever I can, I try and use Python, or C++, but Java is often what I'm forced to use. I'm not bitter, I'm glad they're paying me to learn this language, since I wouldn't have learned it on my own. There's an interesting article by Stevey on how to choose a programming language, he's going to use Java and Ruby.
Eric Sink has a Java rant complaining that Java should have been opened sourced seven years ago. He argues that Sun needs to stop thinking of the owner of Java but the proud parent of Java (and that's where the Tiger Woods link comes in).
Finally, an older article about Java generics by Bruce Eckel complaining that Java's generics aren't.

Funny quote: When C++ is your hammer, everything starts to look like your thumb.


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