Google Earth for Linux

Farm through Google Earth
I can state that Google Earth for linux works great. I installed it on my Ubuntu (Dapper Drake) desktop and had no problems. If you don't run the install program as root it will install it in your home folder. As a bonus I noticed that the satelite images of our farm is greatly improved. Now I can see the tennis court and the two swimming pools. Before I couldn't even see the river.
Coordinates: long: -44.297743, lat: -19.958745
I believe that google earth is benefitting from the effort they made to bring Picasa to Linux (which I haven't tried yet) - update: I'm wrong, it's a native port. Basically, Google (and CodeWeavers) have beefed up Wine so that it supports everything required for Picasa and Google Earth. This is good news for the Linux community since a better Wine means more windows programs that can run under Linux.
For photo managment I use F-Spot and I'm quite hapy with it so I don't see myself moving to Picasa just yet. Also, Picasa doesn't directly support which I paid for a 'professional' version.

P.S. The image is (c) 2006 Europa Technologies, I accidentally cropped that out.


Anonymous said…
Google Earth for Linux does not
use Wine, it's a native port.

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