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Twice I've made a VideoCD with a bunch of pictures and a soundtrack to send to my mother. I would play them pretty fast since I know that she knows how to pause if needed. These things were pretty short so could be burned on a normal blank CD instead of a DVD (there were no DVD burners when I first did this).
I did this twice and both times were very painful. What I wanted was quite simple, have a bunch of pictures (in a folder) order by date where I could put in a pithy comment on each one which would show up as some text over the picture. In addition, have a soundtrack play in the background to make the whole thing a little more interesting. I found one program that filled out my needs, but was so full of bugs that several times I lost all the work I had done. Later I tried the program that comes with Windows XP and it was not too bad, but still more work than I wanted.
Now I'm on Linux but I'm here partly because I was hit by a virus where I lost is a bunch of pictures which I'm still trying to recover from CDs and backups.
Now I want to do this again, but on Linux. After a lot of searching I think I've finally found my solution - dvd-slideshow. It's all command line, but with a bit of work I can write a Python program (natch) which should make doing this relatively painless (or at least a lot more fun to do). My idea is a little wxPython window that I can drag and drop files to which will grab the filename and store it in a text file. For the text I'll use the EXIF comments in jpeg probably run through JHead. Then click test and it'll create the mpeg for me to verify is OK. Then burn the file with mkisofs et al. I'll tell you how it goes.
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