My Nintendo Wii Speculation

This Thursday and Friday (Sept 14th and 15th) should be the days they announce the pricing and release schedule for the new game console Nintendo Wii. It's always fun speculating, so here goes my guesses:
  • The Nintendo Wii will sell for $200.00 USD with one Wii controller and one game (Nintendo Sports). I reason that Nintendo has sold their all their other consoles at $200 and they don't want to jinx it. Some have said it'll be $150.00 but I find that too close to their Nintendo DS price.
  • For $250.00 you'll get two controllers and one more Nintendo game of your choosing.
  • The Wii will go one sale in North America at the end of October (around the 27th). I reason that they are worried about shortages and need the time to ramp up production. There will be shortages no matter what they do but if they stock up a bit before release it won't be as bad. For this reason they may even delay until early November.
  • They won't have a worldwide launch. They may do the US and Japan first followed by Europe and the rest of the world in late November (but well before Christmas).
  • The Wii will be the hottest selling console of all time. People with lot's of disposable income will buy two or three (one for the cottage, one for the kids room, on for the living room, for example).
I, for one, am tired of setting up my computer to run games. Now that I use Linux it's even worse. I'm ready to have a simpler system that just plugs into the television, I'll leave my computer for surfing the net and for programming.


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