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Other forms of evolution

Evolution of Conditioner Bottles It's happened to me more than once that I got home from shopping and I picked up a bottle of conditioner instead of a bottle of shampoo. Conditioner bottles have evolved to look more like shampoo bottles, and get taken instead. I'm sure some time in the past, some designer created these two bottles of shampoo and conditioner because they looked nice together on the shelf. All of a sudden the sales people noticed a large increase in the sales of their conditioner. Bottle designs that confuse the consumer ended up selling more. These designs end up having more stickiness, until the entire population of conditioner bottles is like their shampoo brethren. Evolution of Microwave Ovens Consoles I remember when we got our first digital microwave oven from Panasonic. To start it up you had to press the "power" button 4 times to get "high", then press the minutes and second buttons, and finally start. I look at microwaves now a

Home Theater PC

This Friday I bought a new PC to be used as my Linux Home Theater PC (HTPC). ATX 480W Slim HTPC cabinet VGA 512 GFORCE 8500GT, PCI CPU Intel Core 2 DUO E6750 DDR2 1GB 667 Kingston DVD/CD DL Samsung Gigabyte GA-P35K - LGA 775 SATA 500 Gig HD (Western Digital) Gyration Wireless 3d Mouse and Keyboard . I tried using the beta of Linux MCE, but it didn't work at all (video problems). I used an older version of Linux MCE and got it working a bit. But I didn't like the fact that it picked it's own name for my machine and user name. I gave up on that and am now using the 8.04 alpha (yes alpha, I never learn) of Mythbuntu . Mythbuntu worked reasonably well out of the box except a lot of the configuration screens didn't fit my 480P. The OK or Next button would be off screen and I couldn't figure out how to move the window up so I could see it (Alt+Drag with the mouse is the trick). Other problems I had was that Myth defaults to hiding your mouse cursor so you can't s