Blu-Ray and HD-DVD not doing so well...

It's with a great deal of schadenfreude that I announce that early sales of Blu-Ray (and HD-DVD) is dissapointing. Part of the reason is that these devices are very expensive, and a great deal of that expense is DRM. Another good reason is that people are loathe to buy more movies in yet another format. I still have VHS tapes that I would love if they were DVD, but it's too expensive for me to convert them and buying them yet again seems like a painful proposition.
Part of my schadenfreude is that I predicted that Sony's upcoming PS3 will flop and I like to be proven right. Also, I've decided to buy a Nintendo Wii when it comes out and any competing consoles takes resources (i.e. game developers) away from my console. This wired article (Can the PS3 save Sony) also paints a bleak picture for Sony. The article goes on to say that they are banking a lot on the PS3 which they probably will be selling at a loss for quite a while. There are some rumours that the Nintendo Wii may even sell at a profit, although probably not at first.


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