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Tesla Model 3 Pros/Cons Cons The doors and trunk often need to be slammed to make sure they are closed properly. The frunk can't be closed without getting smudge marks on the hood. The bluetooth software to unlock your car doesn't work quickly every time, although it's mostly Android's fault. Parts of the central screen can be hard to read. It's expensive. Pros The supercharger network is the best in the world. Fast and cheap and so easy to use, and is a key selling point. The car's acceleration is instant and so addictive. Brings a smile every day! The traction control is unbelievably good. The handling and suspension are really good. Probably the safest car on the road. The whole car, and not just certain parts, can be fixed over the air by Tesla. Some days I wake up and the car can do new things. The car is connected to the Internet, for free! The battery will basically last forever, because Tesla protects it with careful software an