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2017 Reading Challenge

In January I decided I would try a GoodReads reading challenge, 50 books.  I figured 50 books wouldn't be too bad, although it 10x more than I normally read in a year. When you consider it, it's only a book a week, with a chance to skip two weeks if something comes up. A typical book take less than 8 hours to read. That's a little more than an hour a day to get 1 book a week.  Even if I'm a little busy during the week, I can easily pick up the slack on the weekend by reading 4 hours a day. In March I was already pretty far ahead, it looked like 50 books in a year would be a cake walk. I prefer a challenge and decided to go for the much more ambitious 100 books in one year. Unfortunately, now I was very far behind. I would need to read 3 to 4 books a week in order to catch up. I had to start changing things in order to make it: Stop reading novels like the 1050 page opus  Reamde , by Neal Stephenson or even the 613 page New York 2140 , by Kim Stanley Robinson. Sti