I got this googly feeling in the pit of my stomach

The cat is out of the bag, I'm leaving Sysmap to go work for Google. I'm happy are leaving on amicable terms, although it's a little like leaving your wife for a super model rather than, say, her sister. I had fun working here and in the cell phone industry (Telemig, Vivo, and Tim), but it's time to move on and do something exiting. Google is coming out with new and interesting programs every day and works in ways that I like:
  • hires smart people vs. people who match the job specification keywords,
  • work hard to weed out bad hires early,
  • give great machines to the developers (two 21" LCDs per workstation)
  • etc.
Google Brasil is moving offices and I'll be starting work in their new digs. It's close to where I'm working now and I can even take the same bus to get to work - sweet.


@TheSandyWalsh said…
Congratulations ... I was wondering how that was coming along.

Sounds like a fun gig!

Scott Kirkwood said…
Yes, and it's partly thanks to your glowing review, thanks, I owe you a beer or a case.

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