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Why 80% of my portfolio is Tesla

So I checked my trading accounts, and 80% of my portfolio  (by value) - not including Google (because I work there) or RRSPs - is TSLA. Some might think that I'm too heavily weighted on one company, I disagree. Why? Because everyone I know wants to work for Tesla or SpaceX. Not, Amazon, Facebook or Apple.  Why? Because Tesla  is making a huge  difference. Their mission statement is: "Accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy"  And they are accomplishing it! Also, Tesla is getting things done! They are coming out with new cars, factories, solar roofs, and batteries faster than anyone could have predicted.  The pace is exciting. The impact you can make, not to your own wealth, but to the whole world is enormous. If you are smart and capable, do you really want to work at a startup, where maybe, just maybe, you might make a small difference (and make some money) - or work for Tesla where even if you were a minor cog in the wheel you would make a big diffe

Comparing ICV to EVs to cellphones

 I still hear friends complaining that EV (Electric Vehicles) are too expensive compared to ICV (Internal Combustion (gas) Vehicles). Or they are worried about the range or battery life... Bloomberg thinks that peak ICV already here, the number of ICE vehicles sold will continue to decline year over year until there you can't buy them anymore - they are correct. Tesla vehicles are better in every way (safety, performance, reliability, price) than gas or diesel cars, already. You might think the price is higher for EVs, but only the purchase price, if you consider the total cost of ownership, Teslas are cheaper. Cheaper because they have far better resell value, because charging is way cheaper than filling with gas (and getting cheaper), cheaper insurance, less maintenance, and more reliability. Never mind that you aren't killing the environment or children . It's like comparing a feature phone with a smart phone: A feature phone is: Cheaper to buy! Batter lasts longer (li