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Key-Train Launched

In the spirit of "Release Early/Release Often" I've shipped the first version of key-train ( ). Here's a screenshot: Features include: Training for all the lowercase keys on the main part of the keyboard in two languages (English/Brazilian Portuguese) and two keyboards (qwerty/ABTN).  More languages and keyboards should be easy to add. Easy for others to contribute  better lessons  and  new keyboards . Easy for others to translate the software using the standard  gettext  package (I recommend using  poedit ). The  key-train.pot  file is created automatically - so don't edit it.  For your language, you would create a .po file like,  this one . A reasonable progression of keys and training (27 lessons). Speed and accuracy training by typing in parts of Wikipedia articles. Only one lesson file is required for different languages and keyboards. But the program isn't complete, here's a list of the biggest problems: The package is