SLD Update

WeightYesterday was interesting, I woke up and didn't feel like breakfast. Had lunch, not very much as well. Then in the late afternoon somebody opened up a package of wafer type cookies and everybody had some and it didn't interest me at all. I just looked at the ingredients and commented that the ingredient list starts with sugar, flour and vegetable oil. I guess what is nice about this diet is how much self control you seem to have. It's easy to pass up on the junk food. It's easier to have a second helping of salad, that seems to be more appealing now.
I'm having more of the fish oil (6 grams of oil=6 pills) and started on vitamin C too (2 grams a day = 4 chewable pills). My desk is starting to look like a drug store.
If you are interested in the book Fantasic Voyage: live long enough to live forever, you can find a great deal of information at their site. You can buy the book, but It's the size of a dictionary and has almost too much information (and seems to repeat itself sometimes).


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