Shangri-La Update

WeigthWell the diet hasn't gone as well the past few days. One excuse is that I went to a party and had some beer, chicken wings and other foods I haven't had in a while and overdid it a bit. Also, at home we've been having home-made french fries and I couldn't resist.
But there are two more reasons that I think it wasn't working as well as it was before. Before I was more careful in measuring out the two tablespoons of oil. Later I just used a soup spoon. But I testes the soup spoon and it appears to hold about 1/2 of a tabelspoon. Another reason I think the diet wasn't working was that I was taking Fish Oil pills. I figured that I could take them with my sugar water with no problems but I found that soon after I had a kind of pleasant fishy breath. And I was starting to look forward to this fishy breath feeling after a few days. I think that shows that the pills were starting to count as a 'taste' and ruining the diet a little.
Another thing that changed a bit is that I am not enjoying the oil anymore. I pretty much have to gag it down.


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