Choo, Choo - here comes the trainreck

This week was a doozy for the PS3. First we hear that PS3 owners will need to by an adapter if they want to play their PS2 games. This means that PS2 owners will need to keep their old PS2 around or fork out the money. For a game console that's already in trouble, this seems to be a bad move.
Then later this week we learn that the Blu-ray drives won't be able to play Blu-Ray movies. Getting a free Blu-ray player in the PS3 was one possible excuse for blowing $600.00 on this console. Now that even this reason is gone I think spending that much money on a console that is unlikely to succeed is risky indeed.

More Wii good news and bad news for PS3:
Update: It's Sony's Blu-ray drive that can't play videos not the PS3, oops.


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