I released a FLOSS program called wxOptParse which allows you to run a Python program that uses optparse, which is a standard Python module that handles command line parameters with a GUI dialog instead of the command line.
Something like:
usage: mytest.py [options]

-h, --help show this help message and exit
Enter a filename
-p PATH, --path=PATH Enter a path
-n NUMBER, --count=NUMBER
Enter a number
-m FLOAT, --float=FLOAT
Enter a floating point number
-b, --bool Switch to true
--nbool Switch to false
--choice=CHOICE Choice


One day I realized that I could do this with Python fairly easily. In fact the initial program just took a few hours to get working. There was a bunch of details that made it take a bit longer to finally release. The optparse module is great and makes a complicated set of parameters easy to code. Now you have one more reason to use optparse.
Take a look.


Anonymous said…
Great idea Scott, downloading and trying to install I noticed I've fallen behind somewhat. The whole package egg thing is new to me, I will definately have a look at that.
Unfortunately in attempting to run the script I get a wx version error. I am using wxPyton 2.6, Python 2.3.5. I've noticed you've not tested Python 2.3, but this does not seem to be related?
Scott Kirkwood said…
Send me the error message and maybe I can figure it out. I believe I need
wxPython > 2.5.x because I use the BIND() function. If it's the lines

import wxversion

Maybe you can just comment it out.

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