Politics: Reporters have had enough

There are two kinds of broadcasters, the ones that have gone stark, raving mad on air and the ones who will. Slate has an article talking about this and there's a video clip of a reporter going "stark, raving mad", although I saw the video and felt he (the reporter) was fairly cool.
But what I do like, is that I found the reporting very refreshing. Usually, guests can say whatever BS they want and the reported will nod and change the subject, so rarely do you see anyone actually confronting the guest. Well, that's not 100% true, if it's the FOX network and the person is a nobody, then they will confront them and tell them to shut up. But if you are a senator or someone slightly important, it's the nod and change of subject.
That's unfortunate, the reporters live and breath the news and can tell when a guest is spinning or lying, it would be so helpful if they called them on that when it happens. You might say that the guest would never come back if they were treated that way, but if every reported did that, where could they turn to? I think that more likely, they would just stop lying and spinning.


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