Brazil: Brazil has become a trailblazer in computer use

From KRT Wire they talk a little about Brazil and the computer field. I have done some work for the UFMG which is a federal university and can attest that the government is embracing open source software. It has become a political thing, where politicians are proud to show that they use OpenOffice or are sponsoring a project that's based on open source software. Also, I've read that there are probably more Brazilians using Orkut than from any other single country. Broadband is available in most larger cities and works reasonably well. I don't the US using Brazil for outsourcing like they use India, because of the language problem and because there's no time-zone advantage.
For one company I was looking at to work for, the president admitted that he doesn't like the employees learning too much, because they'll just learn and then leave. It goes without saying that he was in financial troubles as well. What he had said was so contrary to how I think that I was pretty much speechless. For me you need to treat your employees like family. If they find a better job somewhere else, great for them! We're sad to see you go, and hope you come back.


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