Buying a car

Well it looks like we're going to buy a new car. It's the Ford EcoSport small SUV. It has the Zetec -Rocam 1.6 Litre Flex engine. Flex because it can take Alcohol or Gasoline (or both). Nearly all new cars sold in Brazil now offer the flex fuel option. From what I've read, the only real difference for these types of cars are some extra sturdy hoses and gaskets because alcohol is more corosive. Also, when you fill the tank with alcohol you get 20% more power!
In theory I don't like SUVs because they use more gas, but this one is quite efficient, since it isn't a real off road vehicle. We need a higher wheel base since we go to the farm nearly every weekend and the dirt road can get quite bad in the rainy seasons. The version we are getting doesn't have the 4x4 option (it's too expensive) but the beefier tires should help us out in the mud.
The other car I might have liked is the Honda Fit (aka Honda Jazz). This car has won two years in a row as "Best Buy" by Quatro-Rodas. It also has a continuous variable transmission (CVT) option, which I think is very cool. Unfortunately, it's an ugly car and it has small tires and a low wheelbase.


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