Politics: P2P filesharing is a gateway to shoplifting?

I'm embarrassed as a Canadian to see this in the Globe and Mail.
The music industry did a poll that they suggest that those who download music online are also like to cheat at schools and to shoplift. Not only does music file-swapping harm artists, but it also points to an erosion of respect for intellecutal property that threatens Canada's economy and values at the core of our society.
Even if that were true, then the correct solution would be to force the recording industry to lower their prices for online music and to remove DRM restrictions since it is mostly for these reasons that people are using P2P to get their music.
In fact, perhaps the best solution to this "problem" is to tax everyone, give that money to artists (tracked by popularity) instead of having individuals pay for the music. Perhaps you could base it on the amount of sales the recording industry has made averaged over the last 20 years and just keep giving the artists that amount of money (indexed to inflation or population). I think that music (in general) would be even more popular than it is today and it would probably support more artists than what the recording industry can support currently.
Think of the children!


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